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Accounting and Financial Reporting

We provide professional accounting services for accounting records/books management at a competitive cost to our clients operating in Hong Kong.


Depending on the size and growth stage of the company, it could be more efficient in risk management as well as in cost to outsource professionals.  The outsourcing reduces the burden of administrative works, allowing to focus limited resources on more value-added activities and to maintain the flexibility of organizational management.  In particular, it is very important for companies without their own accounting staff to partner with experienced experts who are professional and efficient in works.


Such outsourcing service for accounting and financial reporting deserves close consideration for those whether in growing stage that need to use limited resources efficiently or in multinational level planning to effectively relocate existing resources.

Main Service Areas

  • Outsourcing of computerised accounting services

  • Filing and Analysis of financial information

  • Provision of management accounts tailored to the characteristics of each company.

  • Monthly, quarterly and semi-annual or annual financial statements and group reporting packages for financial reporting and audit purposes

  • Support on IFRS (International Accounting Standards) introduction and conversion

  • Provision of accounting software guide for in-house accounting staffs

  • Internal audit and related advisory services

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